A New Day

In a time where days seem to repeat themselves and we feel trappedin an endless cycle of monotony, there is always something new to discover orcreate.  ‘A New’ Day’follows a day in the life of multi-disciplinary artist ‘Lady C’ in the currentlockdown atmosphere where her home becomes a creative space and that spaceinspires a whole new world in her imagination. Every day still brings newpossibility, an opportunity to grow and hope for the future.

A Film by Jerick Collantes - Designs of Collor

Directors: Caroline Lady C Fraser & Jerick Collantes
Choreographer - Lady C

Presented by UNITY Charity (Toronto) @unitycharity
Sponsored by Red Bull
'Rise' by Dominique Fils-Aimé
'Cocoon' Written & Performed by Lady C
'Good Feeing' by Dominique Fils-Aimé (Atjazz, D-Malice remix)
Production:Designs of Collor
Filming & Editing - Jerick Collantes @jerickcollantes
Graphics - Mark Collantes @markcoll
Assistant - Jayson Collantes @collantes.jayson

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