Da Unknowns

Freshest Kids

The title "Freshest kids" comes from the film "The Freshest Kids: The history of the Bboy" released in 2002. The film showcases the history of breaking and showcasing the pioneers of the art form. With this small series I wanted to boast about my crew, Unknown Floor Force, the people that are part of the scene, who I had the pleasure of growing up with and having the pleasure of learning from the experiences that I have been a part of. 

It has been 10 years since I've been on my journey as a bboy and there has been so many things that I wish I got on film but like everything in life, sometimes it is only meant to live in your memories. However, I was able to capture the last 4 years of breaking for this project and it has been incredible to just look back and relive some of the things that I have witnessed and been a part of with this art form.

Freshest Kids had the main focus of my crew in the beginning, however it became impossible to talk and show about the breaking scene from our perspective without the community and the people within the breaking scene. What I find great about the breaking community is when you are a part of this scene you are welcomed.